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Long time – no see!

I’ve just looked at this unused blog, which was really designed for John to keep in touch during his trip to Australia, and have to say that I find myself writing what I said two years ago. It’s Autumn again, we’ve had our summer holidays and Christmas seems to be looming.

But on reflection an awful lot has happenened since my last post,  notwithstanding Melanie and I are now husband and wife.

On the basis that nobody else is looking at this other than me, I am probably now starting to talk to myself, but as and when deranged thoughts come to mind I will probably add a little post here. It would, however, be nice to have some contibutions from others. Therefore, I feel a campaign coming on.

Autumn cometh!

I seem to have neglected the blog since spring time, so thought I had better get back down to work. Back from our holidays in Poros (of course), all chilled and tanned. Nearly a month back at work now – fighting the onset of the winter blues. Last weekend spent Saturday rock climbing with Michael Parson and crew to celebrate his forthcoming marriage – next weekend.
Gavin and Rosemary are arriving Tuesday from Crete only to make us envious I suppose. I could be tempted to get the next palne back with them. Loads of holiday piccies that I’ll try and post up somehow soon – using my fantastic new laptop.

A very quiet house

With John in Auz, and Ben staying in Cilcain for two weeks the house is very quiet! Andy and I will enjoy the peace, but miss you all.

Melanie. xxxx

Hi Folks!

Hi all – I’m the self appointed editor – thought I would give this a go and see how it works. So far I don’t really know what to do with it, but as soon as I get some others involved some ideas might materialise.