St George’s Day

Last week saw the departure of Judi and the return of Ben to school – and of course it was St Georges Day. Our only real involvement with St George’s Day was on Sunday to deliver Ben to Wimbledon Common in the pouring rain for a Scout parade and then navigate our way to the service at the end in the shelter of the car.

The day before had been much more exciting Paul and I went off to my old school (Riddlesdown in Purley) for their 50th birthday celebrations. I expected to see lots of old chums, but instead bumped in to Aunty Alex (several times) and the only other person who had bothered to turn up from our year – Bob Cremer. Had a brief chat with Bob and promised to keep in touch by email. It was nice to see Bob and left him hoping I looked in as good a health as he did. Bob had some very sad news, but I was uplifted by his remarkable courage, gratitude and optimism.

A romantic weekend in Kemp Town

M and I took the opportunity, whilst Ben was in Welsh Wales, to spend some time away together. Original plans for Amsterdam were scuppered by having to work late on Friday – so Brighton was the chosen venue. We found ourselves a little “boutique” hotel in the Kemp Town area called the New Steine Hotel, a charming little hotel with a sea view if you cricked your neck. After having fixed the toilet handle we ventured off into downtown Kemp Town where a local directed us to a “good value” Italian. It turned out to be pretty average but was nevertheless welcome considering the lateness of the hour.

07:30 on Saturday morning we were rudely awakened by the hotel fire alarm squawking at us continually. There followed a rapid throwing on of clothes and a run downstair to join our fellow travellers on the pavement outside. News eventually came from the hotel’s northern European management that “there was moist in ther system!”

So returned to bed for an hour or two and downstairs again for an excellent breakfast, where upon enquiring about the earlier alarm was advised that one of the guests had tried to smoke in her room and had detached the fire sensor and triggered the alarm on re-attachment.

So…off we trotted to Brighton Town centre – it all started with the Lanes. Ladies clothes shops, jewellers, nic-nac shops, I never knew there were so many shops.

Back to the hotel for a couple of hours recuperation then off to a superb restaurant, Havanna. Great food, fantastic service.

Sunday – up, breakfast and off to the Pavillion. George IV – clearly one of life’s example setting hedonists. Bizzare building – but had to be seen. Apparently leaked from the start.

Funny day yesterday!

Funny day yesterday – didn’t get a lot of work done, but having said that I seriously lacked enthusiasm. But did have a couple of other things on my mind. First of all, I put in an offer on a very nice 5 bedroom house in Carshalton Beeches, then spent an awful long time on the phone to Abbey trying to sort out John’s funds – hope it’s now sorted. Have to wait and see. Then met Melanie from work to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement. We went to Eyre Brothers Restaurant near Old Street – very Iberian very, good.

Snow hits South East

We could hardly believe our eyes when we woke up this morning to a street covered in snow in April. Paul took full advantage and ventured outside to construct a snowman called Alan. Helen came and visited and stayed for a late lunch.

Paul and a snowman named Alan

A very quiet house

With John in Auz, and Ben staying in Cilcain for two weeks the house is very quiet! Andy and I will enjoy the peace, but miss you all.

Melanie. xxxx

They’ve gone!

Amid much excitement and emotional scenes, relatives of John & Michael gathered at London’s Gatwick Airport last Monday to see the boys depart for Melbourne, Australia.

They’ve arrived

Hysterical scenes have been reported from Australia’s Melbourne airport as John and Michael arrived from London. It is understood that the boys are staying at a secret location.