John’s leaving do!

A great time was had by all on Saturday evening, when John’s mates clashed with family to mark John’s last few hours in the western hemisphere. John flies out to Melbourne, Australia on Monday night. Have a great time John and don’t forget the blog.


Well…..something interesting to say at last! We had a fabulous weekend on Hayling Island. Drove down on Good Friday and went immediately to Portsmouth’s Gunwharf  Quays for shopping and lunch. Then off to find the Langstone Hotel on Hayling Island. A few problems on arrival mainly around our restaurant booking, but all satisfactorily resolved – although I feel a letter coing on!

After an excellent buffet breakfast off to Beaulieu for the National Car Museum. Had a really nice time saw all the cars, the Abbey and the Palace.

Dined out in Chichester at a Chinese called Confucious something – quite good.

Decided to stay another day so Sunday off to Portsmouth Historic Docks to see the Mary Rose and the Victory – great time and back to the hotel for dinner. Great meal but they messed up the booking again …….uhhhh!

After another fab breakfast, we ambled back to Chez Nous for a relaxing few hours curled up in front of the television.

Maunday Thursday

I seem to be the only contributor to this blog, so suppose I’d better muster some enthusiasm and write something. Funny day – Maunday Thursday……..they let us out of work early – I suppose it’s in lieu of being a poor civil servant and not getting a hand out of Maunday money from the Queen. Or perhaps it’s just the government, giving us a couple of hours to buy Easter eggs. Whatever, it’s nice to get home early and catch up with a bit of afternoon television.

Off to Portsmouth tomorrow for an Easter break at the Langstone Hotel on Hayling Island – I think the itinery is shopping at Gunwharf then off to the hotel to check in and dinner. Saturday we’re hoping to get to Beaulieu for the motor museum.

John has decamped to Watford for a final weekend at his mum’s before he flies off to Australia.

Anyway….I’ll probably update this sometime over the weekend and tell my silent, invisible audience what’s been going on. Will you be able to handle the wait?

Another Saturday Afternoon

Perhaps I should change the name of the blog to Saturday afternoons! But yesterday has got to get a mention – whatever! The early part of the day was spent at the Wallington Farmers’ Market. Thence off to view a very nice house in Carshalton Beeches – lovely house but they need to move quickly and we’re probably not ready yet. Sue’s Diner for lunch then off to StageCoach for a parents participating session. About dozen of us performed our own song and dance version of Abba’s Waterloo – all rehearsed and choreographed, tremendous fun! In the evening Melanie, Ben and I dined very pleasantly at Pizzaria Sette Bella, where Ben was given lessons in elementary Italian.

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon was spent in a most relaxing manner. Having eaten our bacon sarnies for brunch we headed off to Wimbledon to drop Ben off at Stage Coach. From there, under the guidance of Jody on Co-Pilot we meandered along to Box2, a very pleasant ladies clothing shop, still in Wimbledon on the way to Kingston. Coffee and biscuits supplied for those patiently waiting, whilst ladies wandered in and out of changing rooms modelling the latest fashion creations from west Wimbledon. Thence off to Merton Abbey Mills in search of our personal jewellery designer and silversmith – Karen Young – to effect a repair on Melanies engagement ring. Having found her husband, we left the cherished object in his careful hands to await a damage report from Karen. Thereafter, followed coffees, Duvels and pancakes (crepes) in the little Belgian cafe in the market. Finally, off to Stage Coach to pick up Ben and thence home. And what did we do for dinner? – Curry in Carshalton of course at the Blue Bengal.