I am hoping that this family blog will replace what I thought mccreddie.com might do. With us all being a bit scattered it seems like a good idea to have somewhere that we can all see what’s going on.

I don’t think it’s completely secure, but as far as I can see certain security measures can be introduced – for example we can opt not to have it searchable by the search engines. Also I think individual entries can be password protected. I have set all users up so far with “editor” rights which as far as I can see, apart from altering the site’s basic design, you can do everything. I’m setup as “admin” but if anybody is interested in “admin” rights let me know ans I’ll do the necessary tweaks.

It may become apparent to users that this is a 1&1 customised version of the WordPress blogging tool and on reading some forums it doesn’t appear to be as customisable as the full open source versions. Having said that I’m not sure I can be bothered to start learning the code to customise it.

For the moment it’s all a bit experimental for us to play with – any questions please ask or if you have any answers please tell. Meanwhile have some fun with it and to make a middle aged man very happy and write something about what you’ve been up to or whatever.

All requests to participate for family members, extended family and friends will be welcomed.